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Welcome to Choco Rush, a race where only the best choco eaters are allowed !

It's a fast eater contest designed for two players in the form of a pop-art 2D rythm game. Choco Rush was made in a 3.5 days jam, with a forest Gump quote as a theme :

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you get"

Challenge your friends in the sweetest contest !

 You have 60 seconds to eat more chocolate than your opponent

 Unwrap and eat as many candies as you can, but be aware, it's a tricky game and you might fall on surprises that will set your mouth on fire !

 1 - Press the key corresponding to the direction indicated by the arrows

 2 - In the case you eat a chilly pepper, you have to drink water by mashing.

   If not, your combo won't get higher

Controls                                [Eat]                                            [Drink]

 Player 1:                        ZQSD/WASD                                    V

 Player 2:                  Keyboard arrows                                    P

1 - There are three types of chocolate

       [Easy]        3 correct keys to eat, score 50 points

      [Medium] 4 correct keys to eat, score 75 points

      [Hard]       5 correct keys to eat, score 100 points

2 - You have to mash exactly 15 times to get rid of the chilly pepper

3 - Keeping your combo up is crucial for scoring, it's a direct points multiplicator

Developped by : Alexis SAINSARDEdwin ODEIMIKevin Vu-Morello

Designed and sound designed by : Pierre MALLETOcéane FAMECHON • William LAVERGNE

Graphics by : Eva SILVA • Eliott PINEDA

Produced by : Théophile COURATIER


GodFatherBuildTeam14V3.rar 30 MB

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